Welcome to our crazy tribe of little humans! Truth be hold about our family pictures.... it is ALWAYS a hot mess! Our kids are so use to camera's being with us that they don't get shy, or become super well-behaved having their pictures taken, like most kids do during family pictures. OH FREAKIN' NO! They just maintain their crazy people energy they always have. It's ok, we're ok. 

"Families are the compass that guides us. They are the inspiration to reach great heights, and our comfort when we occasionally falter."

and we thrive on the fun-loving parts of life

We're Natacha + Austin

                               We're your wedding day side kicks, your go to people and we kinda stalk you all day at your wedding...and no we won't apologize for it. LOL. We follow Jesus, are parents of 4 wild tiny humans, we are a completely blended family, we don't have your normal love story....but guys, I promise it is one for the books and I wouldn't change a day in my life because it has led us here with each other, with these babies and with you, our clients. Austin is a musician with a love for being creative, was always curious about what I was doing with my photography until one day he kinda got thrown into the mix and I told him I needed a second shooter, so why not him?!? UH HELLO he's a musician....that screams creative! That has opened a million doors. Leading him down the path to videography, which he geeks out on every night before bed. I considered going to photography school in Boston but ended up going to cosmetology school instead (I should have just listened to my gut the first time) I loved doing hair, but just found that I wasn't on fire about it. I FOUND MY FIRE! And I burn with it all day, every day. We're overly bubbly, want your real laughs, want to be your friend (which most of our clients have found they're stuck with us even after their wedding day). We can't wait to meet you and capture every real moment of your life.

Natacha + Austin

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3-10  // Kauai, Hawaii


27  // Mendocino, California


  Waco, Texas


1-6  // Maui, Hawaii


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